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Ford F-150 models

Ford F-150 models (manufactured between 2011 and 2013) equipped with a six-speed gearbox, Lincoln Continental (manufactured from 2017 to 2019) and some units of the Ford Mustang 2019, Lincoln Nautilus and Lincoln Navigator are part of the recall. Although Mustang is part of the recall, vehicles imported into Brazil should not be part of the recall. That’s because the GT version brought here uses the 10-speed automatic gearbox used only on the latest F-150s.


A total sales leader in the United States, where it is the most eminent vehicle for 37 years, the F-150 only went on to win a Raptor version in 2009. Until 2008 other “anomalies” with buckets like the F-150 SVT and the F-150 SVT Lightining, to priore, disconnected the user from the utility of their common universe. They had big wheels, powerful V8 engines, but they were as close to the ground as the sports cars, ready to suffer on the glk 350 car cover.


With it, Ford retained the “all-purpose” style and slipped the same powerful V8 under the hood, but with an even higher suspension. At the time the brand was inspired by the models in the Baja model, and a 6.2-liter V8 of 500 hp made the American pickup truck into something capable of ripping the Californian Death Valley without touching a meter of asphalt.

Improvement in 13th Generation

In its 13th generation, the F-150 arrives in 2019 with the improved Raptor version, endowed with features inherited from the Mustang and, pastime, Ford GT supercar engine.

Body and Interior

Its plastics of popular refinement in the doors contrast with an unusual opening lever and covered by a material that resembles carbon fiber, something that can also be seen in the handle of the exchange. In contrast to this lack of news are the Recaro seats, very wide and gently lined with leather and interspersed by Alcantara. On the dashboard, speedometer and spider-counter are well separated by a  cluster   10-inch LCD , and in the central console is the SYNC3, the most advanced multimedia center in the industry, shared with Fusion, Mustang and an edge.

Rear Window

In the rear window there is the possibility of equipping it with an electric drive hatch, difficult to find in front of the sea of ​​buttons spread by a console in the ceiling, in addition to being able to apply a double panoramic roof, that only opens in the front portion and covers 80% of the upper area. Maturity and strength Let’s go back to maturity. If the owner of a medium-sized pickup truck in Brazil – which is treated as a compact one in the US – has difficulty staying calm and humble on board Ford Ranger, VW Amarok, Chevrolet S10 or Toyo

Ride Like A Rally Car

Our coexistence with the Raptor was restricted to earth, gravel, and a little clay. According to Luis Gozzani, brand test driver, the 315/70 size tires that fit the 17-inch wheels “do not have good adhesion on asphalt, especially in a situation where you want to show off what this truck is capable of.” Very wide and very high profile, they are made to reduce the sensation of impact and to drain better earth and stones that take the traction of the utility with the ground. Installed on board, you realize how far away the rear seat is. While in the average pickup trucks sold in Brazil the passenger who travels back complains, in the Raptor he feels, in fact, in in the 1st world.


The accommodation for the driver is another surprise. Equipped with ample electrical adjustments, both on the steering wheel and on the seat, the driver can drive in as low a position as a car, even being 30 cm off the ground. It is a good thing that the huge steering wheel – with a 14.9 m turning circle tries to dispel those who drive from the sense of sportiness, but it is already a breakthrough. Another leap ahead is in huge metal paddle-shifters nailed behind the wheel. And the tapping of the ignition button gives life to a guttural snore that the lack of a V8 howling under the hood is barely noticeable.

Modes of Traction

There are four modes of traction available, 4×2 with traction only at the rear, 4×4 for higher speed on rough terrain, 4×4 with 25% distribution on each wheel and 4×4 with reduced, where up to 100% of the force can be shifted to only one of the wheels in extreme situations. Luis Gozzani chose the 4×2 mode to show the attributes of so much power and torque. The F-150 Raptor behaves essentially like a rally car. Although the weight distribution does not reach 35% on the rear axle, it dances along the dirt roads of the Ford test field in Tatuí (SP), as if it had 1 tonne less in the balance. At a little over 700 meters, we are at 170 km / h, and the approaching curve requires strength in the huge brake discs, with 14 inches in the front and 13 inches in the rear, in order to finally slide through another curve. They are almost six meters long, two meters high and 2.5 meters wide – this is a challenge even for the American waves. At the front, the black grid and the Ford name featured (which inspired the EcoSport Storm look) are bold. Combined with the exclusive bumper, the wheelhouse protections and, of course, the large BF Goodrich 315/70 R17 all-terrain tires, specially developed for the utility, form an assembly that imparts a lot of strength and robustness

Ford F-150 Raptor 2019

Fox Racing Buffer Has Extra Fluid Cylinder

The Raptor originates from the Baja 1000, the famous desert race of the Mexican peninsula of Baja, notorious for its high degree of difficulty and the need for performance for high-speed stretches. In the United States, one of the world’s leading pickup markets, it is common to see consumers of all genres aboard such models as Chevrolet Silverado, Toyota Tundra and of course, Ford F Series (the world’s best-selling line), not just farmers or workers who need bucket vehicles.

Ford Ranger Wins Visual Invocation of Raptor

The American market is still packed with consumers who want a truck that goes beyond the asphalt, that carries the house in the back, that survives the apocalypse and that can carry all the purchases of the year at Walmart. All this, however, combined with lots of technology, comfort and performance.

Strength of Rapter Ford F-150

And of course, it’s not just about printing, because the pickup has a body made of a high-strength, military-grade aluminum alloy, in addition to suspension developed specifically for it. The sturdy set features double triangles, aluminum arms and high-performance Fox Racing front shock absorbers. Behind, the recipe “hard shaft with spring beam” was retained, but received reinforcement and dampers similar to those of the front.

Rear also has Black Details and Two Huge Escapes

The translation for these mechanical attributes you saw there in the opening photo of the text: the Raptor can jump like a mountain goat. The wheels may be considered small for the size of the utility, but they are sized to fit the huge offroad tires, which stand out for both the width and height of the set.

F-150 Raptor Features

Under the hood, the F-150 Raptor features:


V6 EcoBoost 3.5, capable of delivering 456 hp and 70.6 kgfm, coupled with a ten-speed automatic transmission instead of the V8 5.4 or 6.2-liter aspirations of the original 2010 generation.


Suspension has aluminum lower arm and very special shock absorbers (Photo: Fabio Aro / Autoesporte)Suspension has aluminum lower arm and very special shock absorbers. In addition, it has full wheel drive with selector in the panel and four options of use: 4×2 (rear traction), 4A (with free center differential), 4H (center differential locked and 50% traction distributed for each axle) and 4L (4×4 reduced).

Raptor Is Like A Huge Rally Car, Just A Little Accelerator To Put It Aside

The difference is that while in the WRC the cars are compact, the F-150 Raptor measures 5.89 meters in length, in addition to weighing more than two tons (2,113 kg, to be more exact). Finding the ease with which the engineer / pilot drove the pickup under those conditions was an amazing experience.


I took the wheel in other conditions, something closer to a stroll in the dunes of Genipabu, in Fortaleza, but with the request of “no emotion” to the buggy. Instead of the whole lane, I had at my disposal only a section of the circuit with many escape areas. In addition, the electronic controls have all remained on. All care is a little behind the wheel of a little competition truck like that.

Finishing May Not Be Entirely Luxury, But Raptor’s Item Level Impresses

With everything ready, I started accelerating little to feel the response of the accelerator. On the face, I was surprised. Accelerator, brake, steering wheel … all with easy and smooth drive, as in an ordinary car. This gave me the confidence to step deeper, and the Raptor responded wildly.

Electronic Controls

The curves were contoured very quietly, but it was enough to tread a little more to the rear threatening to leave with taste. The electronic controls soon went into action, “cutting off” the accelerator and holding the vehicle.

AdvanceTrac Program

The AdvanceTrac program with RSC anti-aging system, in fact, is the same as EcoSport (duly adjusted, of course), according to LuísGozzani. Five minutes aboard the truck are enough to convey the certainty that I could spend hours amusing myself at the wheel of it.

Instrument Panel Has Digital Display Between The Speedometer And Analog Counter-Gyro

Speaking of which, if on the outside the Raptor has a bold and intimidating look, inside impresses with comfort and refinement, after all, Americans pay luxury German sedan values ​​for it Two-zone air conditioning, eight-inch Sync multimedia, multifunction steering wheel, adaptive cruise control, 360 ° viewing cameras, trailer swing control (prevents loss of control due to trailer), rear-action monitor with trailer, ramp start assistant, downhill speed control and stay assistant are some of the available items. It looks more like the interior of a luxury SUV than with that of a rough pickup.

Space Behind and Huge And, In Addition To Air-Conditioning Exits, The Three Occupants Have Entrances To Their Appliances

For those who went to the Ford booth at the Auto Show and liked what they saw, the information is not upbeat. The F-150 Raptor was only shown as an example of technology and innovation in its segment, showing what Ford is capable of producing. As it is manufactured in the United States, its official importation would be impracticable (at least at the moment). In addition, the Ford pickup for the domestic market is the Ranger. Here, importing the larger options would not justify the investment.


Motor: Front longitudinal, 6 cyl. in V, 3.5, 24V, turbo with intercooler, direct injection, gasoline

Power: 456 hp at 5,000 rpm

Torque:70.6 kgfm at 3,500 rpm

Exchange:Auto ten – speed, all -wheel drive

Electromechanical Direction

Suspension: Indep. double triangular arms (front) and rigid axle (rear).

Brakes: Ventilated discs

Tires: 315/70 R17


Length: 5,89 m

Width: 2,45 m

Height: 1,99 m

Inter-axles: 3,70 m

Tank:136 liters

Bucket:1,495 liters (manufacturer)

Weight:2.113 kg

8-inch multimedia center , touch-sensitive

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